Monday, March 1, 2010

sorry sorry sorry

oh my goodness. I have let this go for a LONG time!!! Life just sort of took over after our house fire and we are just now getting into the groove of things again. Our new home is slowly coming together, thanks in part to many family and friends who have helped us out! Dave and I have become a bit obsessed with building our own furniture...hahaha. Mostly just accent pieces right now, but we might branch out in the future with some bunk beds...who knows! We are busy as ever, classes just started for me again and we just registered Emma for KINDERGARTEN! I know, she's just not old enough right?! Well, her school district says she is. Sad for Mommy. She is also taking ice skating lessons and starting soccer this year. That should all qualify me to become a full fledge member of the soccer mom society, but I will not be getting a minivan. LOL! Mason is almost 2, seriously where did all this time go??? He's not quite as busy as Emma but he sure keeps me on my toes. His speech is getting better by the day, his first two syllable word was Daddy, not Da Da like he usually says, but actually saying the end of the word. We were so proud!! He goes back for another hearing test next month to further investigate the 'hearing loss' in his right ear. As most of you probably know, Dave's deployment was canceled for the time being, we aren't sure what that means for us or where we are headed next but we are defiantly enjoying have him around more! I promise to be better with this, I tend to be more organized when we are super busy and that's what we are! And I know you are all going to want to see updated pics! I'll post a few of the past months! Love you all!

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