Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is not a photo shoot...

I actually had to say this to Emma today. It was hard since she is so used to me whipping out my camera and telling her to pose! We had to have pictures taken for our Government travel passports today and she apparently though it was auditions for America's Next Top Model. At least the photographer thought she was cute, lol. Mason was SO cute in his picture, I held it up to his tourist passport and boy has he changed! I mean if he hadn't that would be weird since his other passport picture was taken when he was 2 weeks old. Hopefully getting this stuff turned in early will get our passports back to us in a timely manner! We have to have this 'extra' passports purely to be granted entry into Germany to live there with Dave. We will use our tourist passports to have all our Griswold Family adventures! :) Emma started soccer last week and she really likes it, she is still getting the hang of it though. Hey, its hard to be a graceful swan on the ice and a mean machine on the field! hahahahaha. I did take pictures but they are from behind and of her just standing there, I will get more this next week at practice. Mason is having is 2nd birthday this week and it makes me want to cry! My baby is getting SO big. He is really into Buzz Lightyear right now, thanks to Honey and Papa. Everything is about Buzz and Woo, aka Woody. I'm super excited for him to see his really big Buzz that Dave and I got him for his birthday. He will be oh so happy!!! We still don't know when we are leaving here en route to Germany but should find out very soon. My classes are going very well and they have given me the idea to pursue a new career field, which is really exciting for me! Since we started off with photo shoot talk, I will leave you with why my kids strike a pose when they see a camera...don't hate, I got it from my momma.

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