Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break and other happenings...

So I'll just get to the big stuff first. :) After being back in the states for one whole year, we've grown tired of Targets and American food and decided to leave the country once again. Just kidding, well partly. Dave has been given orders to our next assignment and.......................We're going to GERMANY! I have scenes from European Vacation playing in my mind(Griswold's). lol. We are not totally sure when we are all leaving but we are trying to plan it like our Korea move where we shipped our stuff super early and the kids and I stayed in Texas until time to fly out. When we do it that way, our stuff arrives just about the same time as the kids and I do and this gives Dave time to find us somewhere to live and whatnot. Plus, it lets Dave fly by himself...I'm not real sure why he wouldn't want to fly with 2 young kids on an international flight?? :) So now that the schnitzel is out of the bag....on with other things. My fam came to visit for Spring Break!!! It was a great time and the weather was absolutely beautiful!! My mom and Chelsea came in on Friday to watch the kids while Dave and I attended an Army Prom. hahaha, kidding it's called a Dining Out, but it so totally like a prom, but with adults. It was a fun time and nice to get all dressed up for a change. Daddy flew in the next day and we invaded Manitou Springs for some yummy Mexican food, and it was YUMMY! That must mean something coming from Texans! On Sunday we drove over the mountains and through the hills to Keystone to visit Aunt Nancy, Uncle John and some of their crew. We had a fabulous time, even though Chelsea and I attempted to be pro snowboarders and left some tears on the mountain. That story is for another time because it is entirely TOO long and painful to relive. It was fun though!!! The rest of their time in the Springs was spent relaxing with their beautiful grandchildren, lol. They even got to witness Emma ice skating. My parents are for sure she will be an Olympian...hahahaha. She has gotten a lot better and three of her coaches even came by to tell me how awesome she was. Yeah, I already knew that. :) Needless to say, it was a whirlwind visit as always, but a fabulous time!!! Now I will leave you with some evidence of the wonderful time. Love and miss you all!

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