Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the day my baby turned into a big girl...

Ok, so these got completely out of order and I am way too exhausted to fix it! Sorry!! Today, my princess started Kindergarten! I know, I know...she's been in German school for the last year, but that was like a block from my house and I could pick her up whenever I wanted to. Now, she is riding the bus to a school on the Army post 10 minutes away! Gahh!!! She was so excited when she got up this morning and the feeling continued until she got in line for her class. I thought the flood gates were going to open, because a few around us already had, so I calmed her down and reminded her about all the fun, new things she would get to do. She regained her composure and the smile quickly returned! I think it bothered her a bit that so many Daddy's were there as well, but she is such a strong girl and never once pouted or complained. Although she did ask if Daddy would ever get to see her classroom. Lucky for Daddy, open house is this week as well! I have a lot of friends who work at the school and all gave good reports for Emma's first day, as I knew she would LOVE it! I was a bit worried about the bus ride, but they have an attendant who rides with the little ones and helps them on and off the bus! Love it!! She quickly rushed home to show me the book order form(Scholastic!!! Brings back SO many memories!) and her homework folder. She was on it! Then we were off to soccer...this is going to be one busy fall! But that means the time will fly by until Dave is back for RnR!!

Mason waiting patiently for Emma at the bus stop...I made muffins and they were divine!!
You were expecting a yellow school bus? Not in Germany my friends...Emma rides in style!
Walking home from the bus stop!
Finally got some soccer pics for Daddy of his princess!
He is so proud of the progress she is making! I think we have an athlete in the making...
Official first day photo! I downloaded through grade 12 so I can continue this tradition with the kids! Love the signs!!

Lining up with the other kids outside...check out all the parents...they practically ran inside when the teachers announced that we could come in the classroom today!
Pretty girl found her seat!
The PTSA had a Boo-Hoo party for the Kinder parents and these were our parting gifts, a packet of tea to help us relax on the first day of school and a cotton ball to remind us of the softness/gentleness of our children. Talk about some tears!!

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