Sunday, September 11, 2011

What we did this week...

She got to be the goalie for the last 2 minutes of the game...she thought she was hot stuff!
she has the ball in this picture, but I couldn't really get a good shot through all the kids...
After she was pelted in the face...she cried for a minute and then asked if she still got to her!

Emma and her teachers!
Her spot on the listening carpet is the moon...
Go Moe Go!
He is a determined little guy!

well, we made it through our first week of Kindergarten! We also made it through the first week of soccer madness. Emma and mason both had two practices this week along with a game each. I am happy to say that we all survived, well Emma stopped the ball with her face, but she's fine. We also had Emma's open house this week at school. She was so excited to show off her classroom and journal book. She spent the entire time in her classroom working on her drawing in that book! haha. She is a very detailed person. It's good to know we made through another week, and a busy one at that! Next week we add Ballet to that mix...oh yeah and a 3 child birthday party... :)

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