Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving...Army and German style!

It's not Thanksgiving until you burn the marshmallows!
Everyone lining up their prized dishes! YUM!
A candy stand at the Christmas market
Emma enjoying her hot chocolate like a big girl..
oodles of snow globes!
This is the Playmobil princess castle that Emma asked Santa for...little does she know it's sitting in our basement storage room! :)
Lebkuchen. German gingerbread!
My precious and I in front of the Kathe Wolfhart store. She looks confused, but it was very cold out! We left Mason at the German kindergarten for the day...good decision.
Crepes are amazing!!! I ordered one with cinnamon and sugar.

This year since all the men are away, Charlie Company had Thanksgiving dinner at our house! We packed the house with wives and children and TONS of food! It was a great time together with the girls and to really be thankful that we have created our own family here in Germany. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a die hard Black Friday fan. I don't always have crazy items to fight for, it's more about the tradition for me. Well, Germans don't do black friday so I have made my own tradition of going to the opening day of the Nuremberg Christmas market on 'black friday.' I go on this day because it's less crowded and the real winter weather hasn't really hit yet! Today was FREEZING! But no snow or ice, so that was great! I didn't find any great crafty things but I did get my annual gluhwein mug sans gluhwein. It's comparable to hot wine with some odd spices, yuck. We did indulge in some Starbucks and retail therapy in the big city though! Our good friend Miss Gari-Ann came joined us as well! Tomorrow we are hitting up the international bazaar at a nearby base, I can't include pictures of that because they might contain gifts to be given at some point... :) I also just made a 5 day reservation for our family at Edelweiss Resort while Dave is home on mid tour! Hopefully we won't have to revisit the German hospital again while there!

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