Monday, November 14, 2011

What we did this week...late...

After the lantern parade. It was freezing! Winter decided to show it's face in Bavaria I guess!
A proud little man. Last year he was with the 'baby' class and I had to walk with him on the parade, but this year I dropped him off! I had to walk with the other parents and pray that he wasn't going to light anything on fire while out of my view!
Checking out the flame. The two boys next to him are American as well and his best friends at school!
These are old, but I don't think I posted anything but her video. She had a parent night a few weeks ago to showcase all they had learned so far.

I meant to have this up yesterday but our day turned into mush pretty quickly after sleeping through my alarm. I know it was a Sunday, but we had planned to try out the chapel on post and yesterday was just not our day. The good thing is Sunday's usually come once a week so I think we're good! ;) The school has had me working A LOT lately and just recently they asked me to apply for a permanent position. The job would be working one on one with special needs children, which I basically already do since I sub for those ladies A LOT! This job would really help me with some of my graduate coursework as well, so that was awesome! I should hear from the principal soon about interviews and such, so cross your fingers! We have parent/teacher conferences coming up this week so it will be interesting to see what Emma's teachers have to say about our princess! Mason also had his lantern parade at the German school this last weekend. The best part, in just over a month we get to see our most favorite person in the whole wide world. NOT Santa, but Dave/Daddy! We are super excited to have him home for his mid-tour leave!!!

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