Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to reality...

Dave left a handful of days ago and has already made it back to his base. Sad and depressed doesn't even begin to describe my mood. We did have the most fabulous R&R ever though. We just lived, no worries, no itineraries, just lived in the moment. We loved every single second of it. The kids are doing remarkably well after the second goodbye. Emma was pretty bummed the first 48 hrs but perked up at the thought of Daddy being home in the summer! Mason keeps asking if we can go pick Daddy up from the airport, poor guy. He must think that Dave is just sitting at the airport waiting on us. Soon after all this, I was blessed with a stomach bug that I am still trying to get over. Hopefully my loves will not catch this one because....Momma is a working woman now! I accepted the special education aide job at Emma's school, so not only do I get to see her more during the day but I HAVE A JOB! The best part, it's only part time so I think I will still be able to keep my 4.0 through grad school this semester. Sorry I have zero pictures, but I couldn't take any of the airport sadness and being sick kind of played a part in that too. Dave did buy me a new camera lens, so I am sure I will be showing off lots of pictures as soon as it arrives! Love to you all!

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