Friday, January 27, 2012

ohhhhh, we're halfway there! ohhhhhh, livin' on a prayer!!!

Yours truly. Would you believe that I actually wear this sweatshirt with normal clothes, and I own two others. Maybe I am stuck in the 90s?
Playing catch up with pictures of my little man...
Oh how I love that goofy boy, meltdowns and all.
The crazy angels
She wanted to wear neon hoop earrings so bad. I just wasn't ready for that.
He was SO proud of knocking down one pin!
Wonderful surprise gifts from the battalion commander and his wife. They were filled with 'hugs and kisses.' So sweet to think of us!
Seeing his daddy on the screen really upset this little guy. His momma too.
Emma came crying soon after as well...They never act like the deployment upsets them, but clearly tonight I was able to see that.
Sweet Gari-Ann is always behind the camera, I caught her in my frame this time!
"Six months shot down" Apache wives are cool too...
My loves. I would probably be drowning without them.
Hillary was Iceman from Top Gun!!! So original and awesome!!!

That's right, we are officially 6 months down in this deployment! To celebrate we had a bowling party with an 80s/90s theme! I think the best part was shopping for all the accessories! As I was getting Emma dressed for the big event, she had the nerve to ask why we used to dress this way?! Girl, you don't know! Neon, side ponytails, crimped hair and workout attire were the best! And I was Emma's age when it was all in style, but my mom knew what the trends were! Mason and Emma had pretty long days at school so meltdowns were expected and came in full force before the end of the night. Even with the tears, we had a wonderful evening with great friends. The guys had put together a slide show of pics for us, and let's just say there wasn't a dry eye in the house...even just normal patrons in the bowling alley were crying. My precious Emma had a hard time seeing Daddy on the screen and remembering that he was far, far away. Enough sadness, let's see some neon!!!

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Gari-Ann Kia said...

I stole a few pictures from your fb to add to my blog post. I had so much fun tonight with you and the girls...we have to wear these outfits again, it would be such a shame to put to waste! Loved all your pics!