Friday, July 4, 2008

Apartment 1

OK, so here's the deal. We still don't have curtains up and I didn't include the rooms that were messy, which was the master, Mason's, and the office. :) We live on the 4th of 23 floors in our building. You have to have a key card to get into the actual building and then you can use the card or a code to get into your own apartment. There are only 2 homes to a floor since they are so big. Going with Korean customs, you take your shoes off when you enter the home. We have shoes that we only wear in our apartment so they help keep the floors from getting dirty, so we kinda abide by the rules. Emma's room and bathroom on are one side of the apartment and everything else in on the other side, so it's nice for her(and us too!) to have her own space. Her room is probably the most finished. If you have questions about the rest, just ask...I probably won't know the answer and will have to direct you to Dave. I don't even know how to use the oven yet...go figure.

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