Friday, July 4, 2008

Went for a walk

We took Emma to the playground at our complex this evening and then decided to walk around the area. I think we went the wrong direction, we didn't see much. :) Emma is a rockstar at the playground. She gets mobbed by the little Korean kids every time we are down there. Most two year olds might not like lots of strangers crowding them, but this one LOVES it. Chelsea knows what I'm talking about, hahaha! She is still learning that when the kids greet her with "Anyonghaseyo!!" (Hello!) that she needs to say that back to be polite. The kids say it over and over again just to hear her "try" to say it in return, which is hilarious to watch! Mason fell asleep about 1 minute into our walk. We think he is trying to cut a tooth already. He is SO fussy and has a little white tip on his bottom gum as well. Poor guy. Tomorrow we are traveling to Yongsan, which is the big U.S. base in Seoul. They have a BIG PX and some other shopping as well, yay for shopping!!! Well, stuff for the house. Ok, so now I have to upload all these pics...

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