Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last night I had the pleasure of joining a small group from our military community to celebrate the month of the military family. The guest speaker was Sue Hertling, wife to General Hertling. That name might sound familiar because we have had the honor of meeting with GEN Hertling once before! If you remember correctly, he even took a liking to Emma and her giant bow. Sue sent our unit information about the wonderful Battalion Buddies that the kids were given right after Dave's deployment started. The event was amazing and we even got to take part in the Hertling's holiday greeting to our deployed troops! Emma stole the show during that as well, but I am waiting for a youtube link so I can share it with you all! Mrs. Hertling spoke to the crowd about the importance of supporting your solider, but of also supporting each other. This is so true when living overseas far away from your regular family. I would be lost without my military family, at every duty station! The girls in Korea helped me to become the person I am today, optimistic about every opportunity! My wonderful girls in Colorado became the very best girlfriends I could ever ask for, as well as family friends! My girls here in Germany, well they are everything. To say you can survive a deployment alone is a lie. Mrs. Hertling spoke of a scene from the Sex and the City movie about the unspoken connection between friends Miranda and Carrie. Miranda didn't have to tell Carrie that she needed her company, Carrie just knew. And my girls just know, and I know that about them. It's amazing to be able to share this journey and bond with them and I am one very lucky girl for that! Don't think I forgot about my 'real' families in the states, you guys are amazing too!!!


Gari-Ann said...

Thank you for becoming part of the family I get to choose. I love every moment!

Twins in Korea said...

Our days in Korea remain as some of my fondest memories. We had fun in that crazy country!