Monday, August 15, 2011

the day we had coffee with a General...

Today General Hertling traveled to our small post in the back-country of Bavaria to probably do some other important Army business, but wanted to stop in and check on our group of spouses. I think VIPs are checking in on us often because we are just a company deployed in support of a whole different unit, not our it's sort of unique I guess? It is really nice that they think of us though. His wife had suggested the organization that donated the Battalion Buddies that I blogged about before, so all the kiddos brought their bears in for him to see. He didn't make a huge speech or to-do which I thought was very considerate of him, he acknowledged that we all had small children who were antsy, hungry, needed the potty and so on. Emma did win him over with her toothless grin and sweet southern bow. So, he just had to hug her. I don't blame him, she gets away with a lot in this house.

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