Sunday, August 14, 2011

what we did this week...

Another week down! This last week pretty much flew by because we had things scheduled everyday, from playgroups to coffee to pizza night. I turned in the last term paper for my undergrad and I have to say it feels pretty amazing! Ask me again next week though, when I am reading through my syllabus for my first grad class, lol! We were able to also have what has become a weekly get-together at our house last night. Bad Lyndsay, I have NO pictures from it! I really love having them on the weekends because I find that those are the days that drag the slowest. We had some amazing food, company and even played a hilarious word game that had us all feeling less than stellar in the brains department! Here are the pictures from our week!
A very happy girl after getting to shake hands with the cast of the USO Sesame Street show!
The USO put on a FREE show for military kids with the cast of Sesame Street, it was about a little girl having to move to a new base and leave her friends behind...very fitting.
Mason was very excited about the show, but not so comfortable with the characters coming too close to him!
What happens after the toy gets too close to your face...see picture below.
When the kids walked into the show, the USO volunteers handed out these great light up toys, until the kids figured out they could spin really fast...Emma wrapped my hair up in hers and Mason hit himself in the face multiple times with
Emma wanted to choose dinner one night, so she picked a spinach, cheese and bacon tortellini bake. I love that she is such a good eater!!!
Posing during the Marshmallow fight...
Mason proceeded to shoot me, then gave me kisses. I guess that makes up for it?
He was very 'into' pelting his sister with the marshmallows...
On Tuesday nights, a little gasthaus down the road from our town has a discount pizza night. So, we have made it our girls night out, with children of course. I LOVE their pizza, as you can see not much is left of this one! The owner is very sweet and sets aside a section of the restaurant for us girls to take over for a few hours. He also makes this wonderful hot sauce that compliments the pizza perfectly! I know you are thinking, hot sauce and pizza? It works, I promise.

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