Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Day out with Daddy!

With the big move coming up soon, Dave has been working and flying more than usual. We thought he was going to be flying this weekend, but he ended up hanging out with us! So, we made him get out of the house! We drove down to Seoul and had lunch at On the Border. So yummy! We all know that Mason loved the sticky white rice but now we know that he loves Mexican rice too! And tortillas! From lunch we drove to the Army post at Yongsan. It's always fun to see a PX bigger than your living room! We had a brief walk through Insadong, I don't think Dave was loving it as much as the BFFs do...oh well girls, we still have time to go back! I made Dave and Em try the chicken on a stick. On the streets in Korea, you find food booths that serve just about everything, Korean food wise. The chicken on a stick is WONDERFUL! It has a spicy sauce that they glaze the chicken with just before the hand it to you. Emma liked the chicken but thought it was very hot! Emma found Ronald McDonald in Insadong, who would've thought?! And we ended our evening at TGI Fridays. Not much that we did, but we saw a lot just being stuck in Seoul traffic for about half the day. We are hoping that Dave is able to go back next weekend and we will be doing more subway than car...traffic stinks.

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