Sunday, November 16, 2008

Insadong & BFFs

Saturday was supposed to be a lovely day of Christmas shopping for myself and my BFFs, Sarah and Courtney. It quickly became a whirlwind day due some events but we still had a great time, in the little time that we had!!! We made it to Insadong, Courtney had never been. She loved it!! Buddhas for everyone! Big, goddy gold ones! We wandered up and down "Mary's Alley" frazzled in the rain and wondering who exactly we were buying for. I think a couple of times, we would look at each other and ask, "who was this for again?" Good thing we are BFFs and we keep track of that stuff! LOL! No shopping trip would be complete with a trip to Starbucks and singing gospel music. Wait, you heard me right. There was a small group of singers who really wanted us to join them on "Peace like a River." Courtney thought this would be a grand idea. Needless to say, the very kind Korean singers thanked and blessed us. I will have pics of that soon. Or, see Sarah and Courtney's blogs for them at a later date. :) We are hoping to squeeze in a few more shopping trips, kids or no kids ASAP! I mean, we have to get Sarah to buy black market maternity clothes before she leaves! hahaha. Oh, in Korea you have to hold up the "peace" sign and say "Kimchi"(not cheese), or you are just not cool. Period. :)

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