Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween from the Hall Family!

Ok, so warning now...this will be a picture overload!!! We had a wonderful Halloween celebration here in rainy, cold, nasty Korea! Kidding about the nasty, but not kidding about the cold and rainy. Today it's beautiful, go figure right? I do believe Emma enjoyed herself thoroughly and Mason as well. He mainly played with his two girlfriends (Mrs.Laura & Mrs.Kerri) while Mommy chased Tink around. That's right, who would've guessed that Emma was Tinkerbell? Mason was "Cpt.Hook" minus the maybe just a pirate? We decided a hook would not be so smart between him and Emma. Our evening started out with the kids trick-or-treating through the guys offices and the hangars. As well as the businesses on post. After that we had a great party in the Eagle Dome(gym) with games, crafts, and snacks...and CANDY! Then the kids go to trick-or-treat through the Soldier's barracks. Emma made a killing on the candy. Or I should say, Mommy and Daddy did. Ok, enough typing...time for the pic overload! Hope you all enjoy and Happy Halloween from Emma and Mason!

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