Sunday, November 2, 2008

My child speaking....Korean!

I keep telling everyone that Emma comes home from her "school" speaking new Korean phrases and everyone is like, yeah right, get it on video. Just so you know, it's really hard to capture a 3 yr old on video doing ANYTHING. I usually find her with the living room window open yelling "hello" in Korean to the kids downstairs. Today, she was telling her baby brother "NO" in Korean. You are hearing "ani" which is a shortened version of "Aniyo" which means no. I have found out from her teachers that many of the Korean words are shortened for children to learn before they learn the longer formal versions. You also see her do her "mini-bow" to Mason and say "Annyonghaseyo!" (Hello). She will say this to elders and simply tell other children "anya!" Sounds simple right? LOL! Hope you enjoy!

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courtney said...

I love her insa (bow..for those not in Korea)!